Chronology Encoded in Revelation 14

By Bill Weather

As background information needed, this is from NOT a Futurist or Preterist, but new chronological indicators discovered from a Historicist perspective. This timeline or chronological indicators are from Revelation 14 and they are agricultural terms that tell us what time in history, Revelation 14 is describing.

God likens the eras of the salvation of his people or judgments to the agricultural harvest seasons. In our modern day era, most Christians are ignorant of the agricultural seasons within the year. In ancient Israel, they had the early harvest of spring with barley, the summer harvest of grapes and then the end time fall harvest of the rest of the food grown. So these three harvest seasons, are likened to a timeline in history of the church and the three main seasons of the harvesting of the souls of men, which is often mistaken to be the time of the resurrection, but is not. It is just indicating those seasons of souls saved or judged at that time in the chronology of the harvest year, spring, summer and fall.

The spring represents the early harvest of souls, which historically, was in the era of the early church. This would be about the first 3oo years of the early church. The term “firstfruits” is a common term describing the early spring harvest season, so when Revelation 14:4 describes 144,000 as being the “firstfruits unto God and the lamb”, this tells us a timeline indicator. It tell us this was the firstfruits harvest of souls, which was the early church, likened to the spring time harvest, but really, are first chronologically mentioned back in Revelation ch 7. Then ch 8 and 9 goes thru the later trumpet judgments, which was the era after the early spring firstfruits, showing the tribulations and war of the western roman empire, then the rise of Islam with trumpets 5 and 6 conquering the eastern “holy” roman empire.

They are described early in ch 14, like the early springtime harvest as a reprise to Revelation 7. Then verse 8 on describes the fall of the western “holy” Roman Empire and the mark of the beast of that 1260 year era (538 – 1798). Then there are details of what appears to be the end time judgment day, but is not. There are many more historical events that play out in the next chapters for it to yet be the end time harvest in Rev 14.

It describes the angel thrusting his sickle into the earth to reap a harvest and the harvest is decribed as being the grape harvest. The grape harvest in Israel starts in July. July and August are the biggest grape harvest times of the year, so this harvest described as the grape harvest of souls, is not yet the great end time fall season harvest. The grape harvest is the summer harvest.

Thrust in thy sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth;

for her grapes are fully ripe. Rev 14:18

Then verse 19 prophesies of the wrath of God on those of that era. It is not yet the end time harvest resurrection and judgment day. It was just the judgment of those of that era, which takes place at the French Revolution in ch 16, thru which, God judged that wicked Catholic Europe for martyring millions of saints.

By these agricultural harvest seasonal indicators, we have a better understanding of Revelation 14 and how they’re another chronology timeline indicator that goes with the other 5 timeline indicators throughout revelation, shown in this meme here, perfectly in sync with all the history of the church.

Another huge factor to consider is that the Spring, Summer and Fall harvests of souls also is shown in the Feast days of Leviticus 23. The three main feasts were unleavened bread/firstfruits for the spring time, Shavout or Pentecost as the summer harvest and Sukkot or Tabernacles representing the end time fall harvest of souls. Those three harvest feasts are in divine synchronicity with what took place in the history of the church, with spring representing the early church of souls (firstfruits), the summer, representing the middle ages, of souls harvested, described as the summer grape harvest (Shavout), and then, we are now at the end time harvest fall season of souls (Tabernacles). Soon will be the Resurrection. This is shown chronologically in Revelation 19:6-7 with the “great multitude” at the “marriage supper of the lamb”, right after Revelation 18, the destruction of modern day babylon in World War 3.

Revelation 14 has often been misinterpreted to take place at the time of the end, but the agricultural descriptions described therein, tell a different story. If God called the 144,000 the “firstfruits” and the term “firstfruits” is a feast in the spring, which represents the early history of the church, why do we not believe God’s description of them? And if God called those who had the mark of the beast, grapes, which are harvested in July and August, why do we not believe his description of those of that era. But instead most prophecy teachers relegate the “Firstfruits” and the grape harvest, to all take place at the time of the end fall season, when the very definition of “firstfruits” is the spring time harvest, not the end time fall harvest.

However, I do believe these three, spring, summer and fall time harvest of souls will all be resurrected at once at the 6,000th year. Revelation 14 is describing their status with God, not chronology of the resurrection in Rev 14. That doesn’t happen till the great end time harvest of souls at the resurrection, when were all raised at once. Chapters 16 (partly), 17 and 18 have yet to fulfill, then after those fulfill, wil come the great end time harvest resurrection.

By understanding the biblical harvest season of souls through history and the biblical, agriculatural terminology, we can get a better understanding of Revelation 14, without what most commonly do, throw everything they don’t understand in biblical prophecy, into an end time seven year tribulation junk drawer. We historicists do not believe God was that careless with his report on history through Revelation.

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